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March 2009

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Recently I was feeling really out of tune. Outwardly, I looked fine but just felt really lazy all the time. And my God, sleeping became my favorite past time! My mind was constantly drifting unable to focus. It was as if I suddenly developed severe ADD!! And I had a shoulder ache that wouldn't go away. My meridian masseur said it had to do with my heart meridian and lung meridian. Details of that in another post another day.

Then my mom fell sick and I went home to Kuching to see her. While I was there, I went to see the family's chinese physician. She diagnosed that I had gastric problem! I said that is quite impossible cos I didn't get the typical gastric pains. (I used to suffer really severe gastric pains when I was in my younger years :->)

Then she asked me do I feel:
1. "Hungry all the time or no appetite to eat?" I said no.
2. "Do you feel like you have no mood for anything? You want to do something but didn't have the energy to do it" I said "Hell yeah!" I went on to say that i have been feeling that for a while now. Low energy. Feeling everything is quite impossible to do but I know that is not true given how smart I am! :-)

Then she confirmed that the spot where my shoulder ache had to do with my weak gastric and went on to prescribe some chinese medicine for me. She gave me 4 bottles of awful tasting dark liquid which I had to drink b4 meals 3 x per day.

By the second day I felt the world is a brighter place and certainly more cheerful.

What amazes me in this experience is how the chinese physician was able to diagnose my moods to my gastric problems. Thanks to her, I am back to enjoying food.

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